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Zusje, or Little Sister, is an art film from the Netherlands, and a first effort from Director/Writer/Producer Robert Jan Westdijk.

Little sister's older brother arrives with a video camera in hand, after a long absence from his sister. We eventually learn that the two were caught naked in bed together as adolescents, and he was shipped off to boarding schools and ostracized by the family. He has shown up with the stated purpose of making a movie about his sister, but actually to relive and force her to remember exactly what had happened many years ago between them, so they can both get closure. Her current boyfriend is in the way, as is one of her girlfriends who desires big brother.

The is not the same old formula film, but a quirky, personal sort of story, which is a very good thing in my estimation, and the sort of thing that is being done very well in Europe at the moment. The entire film was shot hand-held (shaky cam), is rather grainy, and I did find it slow to develop, but the payoff made it all worthwhile, and the ending managed to surprise me completely. It stars Kim van Kooten in the title role. This was her first film, and she was wonderful in the role, dominating the screen. The performance made her a star.




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Genre: European art film. If you like those, this one is a must-see.


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It won several film festival awards for the director.



7.5 IMDB summary (of 10)


No theatrical run in America. It sold about 125,000 tickets in The Netherlands, or about 8/10 of one percent of the population, about equivalent to 2.5 million tickets on the USA, or as popular as a $20 million dollar film.


  • Full frontal and rear nudity from Kim Van Kooten.