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Zeta One (1969), which IMDB calls The Love Factor, is an early British sex farce, and send-up of James Bond films. The super agent's name is even James Word, and his boss is "W." As the film opens, the office secretary (Yutte Stensgaard) seduces him, first with a game of strip poker, then later in bed, and pumps him for information about his most recent assignment. He was sent to find out what arch villain Major Bourdon, who is trying to take over a group of female aliens who recruit by kidnapping and brainwashing Earth women, to increase his power.


Yutte Stensgaard shows all three Bs, and Carolanne Hawkins, Anna Gael, and a host of unknown women show breasts.

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The alien women spend some time out of their clothes, some with either pasties or their nipples painted blue.  In the end, James knows too much about the women's society to be left on earth, so they capture him and press him into stud duty. In this early attempt at a skin flick, there is not enough nudity or sex to watch for that aspect, the plot is lame, and the acting is awful. 

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