I guess Medved planted a seed that has grown into an unstoppable evil living organism. I don't think Plan 9 is the worst movie ever made. One visitor wrote me to say that it isn't even Ed Wood's worst movie, and I couldn't agree more. In fact, it is probably his masterwork.

"Glen or Glenda" is incomprehensible, vaguely perverse, and intercut with totally unrelated footage.

I was supprised to see so little support for Manos, despite the best efforts of the MST3K boys.

"Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" and the tender, haunting love theme, "Puberty Love", were probably the worst movie-and-song combination until James Cameron came along. Personally, I recommend you see two old campy classics if you ever get the chance. 1955's "Sincerely Yours" stars Liberace as a do-gooder who meddles in the lives of others after reading their lips through field glasses from his Central Park apartment. He also has some curvaceous cuties in love with him. If you think he sucked as a song and dance man, wait until you see him as an actor and love interest!

1947's "That Hagen Girl" features Shirley Temple as a co-ed who is the victim of a whisper campaign on campus because she might be - illigitimate. And her father might or might not be - Ronald Reagan.

I haven't seen these two movies since I was in college, but I laughed all the way through them. Of course, I inhaled then. As I remember, there is also an off-kilter suggestion of chemistry between the might-be dad and the might-be daughter, as those great thespians-turned-politicians just turned on the heat.

  1. Plan 9 from Outer Space
  2. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  3. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  4. Shakes the Clown
  5. Manos, the Hands of Fate
  6. Yor, Hunter from the Future
  7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  8. Robot Monster
  9. Billy the Kid vs. Dracula
  10. Eraserhead
  11. Glen or Glenda
  12. Pod People
  13. Eegah!
  14. Monster-a-go-go
  15. The Wild Wild World of Batwoman
  16. The Brain that Wouldn't Die
  17. Live Nude Shakespeare
  18. That Hagen Girl
  19. The Wrestling Women vs the Aztec Mummy