Oh, I don't know about these.

I think there is a lot of ad feminum backlash in here, directed at the person and not at her performance. Rosie O'Donnell is not Dame Edith Evans, but she wasn't all that terrible playing herself, more or less. Ditto Madonna and Whoopi.

In the case of Binoche, it is a case of English Patient backlash. People hate that movie so much they just feel a need to lash out at the nearest symbol, so I think Binoche's votes are therapeutic. I understand completely. The Rose is the same kind of movie - awful weeper that your wife's best friend heard about in her book club, and you ended up sitting through it. Am I right? I didn't hate English Patient or The Rose that much, but I feel that way about other movies.

I can't comment on Cyndi Lauper, the Spice Girls, or Julia Sweeney. I am going to try to see Cyndi Lauper in "Vibes" some day. It sounds like it really could be my kind of movie, the kind you watch while stoned, so you don't miss any of its intrinsic silliness. On the other hand, I think there is a very slim possibility that I will ever see those other two movies, so I will choose to remain in the dark. I suspect that none of you have actually seen that Spice Girl movie and that there is an anti-Spice vote on general principles. I probably should condemn that, but I actually commend it. Sometimes the facts stand in the way of a greater truth.

I was sorta surprised to see Cindy Crawford on the list. Although I don't see Lady Macbeth in her future, I didn't think she was all that hold-your-nose bad in "Fair Game." I also was surprised to see Faye Dunaway get so much support. She was over-the-top in that movie, but Joan Crawford was over the top, way over, and Faye got her down pretty well.

The ones that I think are really bad, more or less in my correct order:

Here's your list: (four or more votes)

  1. Rosie O'Donnell, Exit to Eden
  2. The Spice Girls, Spice World
  3. Anna Nichole Smith, Skyscraper
  4. Elizabeth Berkley, Showgirls
  5. Cindy Crawford, Fair Game
  6. Bo Derek, Bolero
  7. Sofia Coppola, Godfather, Part 3
  8. Lily Tomlin, Moment by Moment
  9. Pia Zadora, The Lonely lady
  10. Madonna, Who's That Girl
  11. Whoopi Goldberg, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit
  12. Julia Sweeney, It's Pat
  13. Juliette Binoche, The English Patient
  14. Kim Darby, True Grit
  15. Ali MacGraw, Love Story
  16. Shelley Long, Caveman
  17. Geena Davis, Cutthroat Island
  18. Cyndi Lauper, Vibes
  19. Faye Dunaway, Mommie Dearest
  20. Alyssa Milano, Kiss of the Vampire
  21. Kristy McNichol, The Pirate Movie
  22. Bette Midler, The Rose
  23. Raquel Welch, Myra Breckenridge