The worst big budget movie

I'd say you nailed these pretty well. I thought Wild Wild West was worse than Waterworld, but maybe that was just me. I have missed a few on this list, and I won't be going back to study them. (The Avengers and Spice World come to mind) My personal choice was "Very Bad Things". Some of the other bad movies on this list were watchable in some ways. I even got a few good chuckles at Waterworld, for example, but during "Very Bad Things" I was praying for it to end. Ditto "Howard the Duck", "Popeye", and "The Thirteenth Warrior".

Obviously, there is some crossover between this category and "worst movie considered good". Independence Day, for example, could have been in this category just as easily, and perhaps it should have been here. Not that it matters in the grand cosmic scheme.

What about that Costner, eh? He placed three in the top 10 here, and "Dances With Wolves" did pretty well in the overrated category. When it comes to bad movies, he is the man. A good poll might be this. If the Oscar gave an award for best actor whose last name ends in -ner, would they have to give it to Shatner, or would Costner take it? Indications are that if your last name ends in -ner, you might want to forget about getting your kids those lessons at the Lee Strasburg School, and plan on a different career for them. On the other hand, both of those guys are rich, and I often have to share Alpo with my dogs, so maybe you should swallow your pride and let Junior become an incompetent trillionaire.

Here's your list. All the films with more than three votes:

  1. Waterworld
  2. Wild Wild West
  3. The Avengers
  4. Ishtar
  5. Spice World
  6. The Postman
  7. Leonard, Part 6
  8. Howard the Duck
  9. Cabin Boy
  10. Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
  11. Yentl
  12. Hudson Hawk
  13. Very Bad Things
  14. It's Pat
  15. Popeye
  16. Rhinestone
  17. An Alan Smithee Film: Burn, Hollywood, Burn
  18. Cocktail
  19. Heaven's Gate
  20. The Stupids
  21. Bolero
  22. Xanadu
  23. The Lonely Lady
  24. Can't Stop the Music
  25. Con Air
  26. The Thirteenth Warrior