Women in Fury (1985) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski) and Tuna

Two thumbs up for this as a satisfying genre picture, the genre being "Women in Prison exploitation films"

Scoopy's comments in yellow: 

The Top 10 least politically correct names for WIP films:

1. Ho's in the Hoosegow

2. Cooze in the Calaboose

3. Broads in the Big House

4. Sluts in the Slammer

5. Cunts in Cuffs

6. Bitches in Bondage

7. Poon in the Pokey

8. Jugs in the Jug

9. Holes in the Hole

10. It Takes a Village


This has pretty much everything you've come to expect from a Women in Prison movie.

Act 1 is the usual set up. A completely innocent, beautiful girl from an upper-class family is sent to prison for a murder she didn't commit. She is stripped naked so she can be beaten by the other prisoners. Then she is stripped naked so she can be sexually exploited by the head matron. Then she is hosed down. Meanwhile, the sensitive prison doctor takes an interest in her case, discovers she is innocent and works to free her.

Act 2 is the prison break which she inadvertently participates in (within five minutes of the time when she would have been set free!), followed by a chase through the jungle, in which the women run through rivers in skimpy clothing, are caught and molested by horny mercenaries, and eventually are trapped in a church by the corrupt prison warden. The runaways die off one by one until the only one left is ..... gee, take a wild guess.

It's an OK exploitation film, and you won't be disappointed if you are looking for the formula ingredients of the WIP pictures. The women get naked. The lighting is good. It was actually shot in a real prison and a real jungle, so it looks realistic.

The dubbing is the only really shabby aspect of it, but you should be used to that if you've watched a bunch of dubbed exploitation movies in the past.


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Tuna's comments in white 

Women in Fury (1985), originally titled Femmine in Fuga, is a prototypical "women in chains" film with nearly all of the usual cliches. 

Suzane Carvalho is imprisoned for 18 years for a murder she didn't commit. The other prisoners resent her because she is beautiful and because she was rich. They do their best to make her life hell. The associates of the drug lord she supposedly killed are out to get her. The warden of the prison is in with the drug cartel. And the head matron wants her body.

The prisoners eventually escape, have harrowing experiences, and all die except Suzane. She is acquitted and lives happily ever after, but can't remember any of the experience. The only missed cliché was the shower scene. I suppose they didn't have access to a communal shower to shoot it. 

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  • bare bones

What sets this one apart is lead Suzane Carvalho, who has a beautiful body, and shows it again and again. Several of her fellow inmates also bare all (there are no credits on the DVD). The video quality is far better than I expected, and the lighting, set decoration and camera work were professional. 

It was filmed in Brazil, but in the Italian language. 

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Based on this description, we both say C+. If you hate women in chains films, you will hate this one too, but if you enjoy them, this is a good one.

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