Without You I'm Nothing (1990) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This is a complex, fourth wall destroying, performance piece from Sandra Bernhard. It is presented as if it were a documentary - kind of a concert film with a little bit of background data. In fact, it is a scripted mockumentary with the premise that Bernhard has developed too big a head from doing a one-woman show on Broadway, and finds out that her act just doesn't "play in Peoria." We see her performing lavishly choreographed and orchestrated pieces in elaborate costumes, but we also see that her audiences generally consist of very few people in a small summer club, and that even those few aren't remotely interested in her "show business insider" material.

Bernhard presents some standard comedic punchlines, but most of the show is high concept performance art. For example, Bernhard performs material entirely inappropriate for the crowd, until the entire act turns into some kind of Brechtian effort to alienate the audience. It's brilliant, cutting-edge stuff, in a way. She's obviously an intelligent person with a strong aesthetic sense and a wide-ranging grasp of different aesthetic and performing styles. She does solid impersonations of showbiz characters, sings well, dances well, and strips down to show off an excellent body.

Having said all those nice things, I should probably add that I was just as bored as her fictional audience. I guess her conceptual humor is over my head, or just too damned "inside," or maybe just too aloof for my taste, but the bottom line is that I basically hated it, even while admiring her far-reaching talent.



  • The widescreen transfer is anamorphically enhanced (16x9)
  • No significant features



Bernhard does a long dance number while clad only in pasties and a small g-string.

There is also some gratuitous lesbian shower action which features breast and crotches, but no faces. There is also a marginally relevant scene in which we see a woman's bum while she has sex with Bernhard.

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