Windrider (1986) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Originally to be called Making Waves, this is the Aussie equivalent of a Frankie/Annette movie. Filmed entirely in Perth in late 1985, it's a silly concoction of surfing, forgettable songs, romance, and sitcom humor. It features Nicole Kidman in the Annette role as the aspiring singer, and Tom Burlinson in the Frankie role as the dreamy surfer boy (or actually "windsurfer boy" in this case). It scores a 4.9 at IMDb, which would fit perfectly into the beach portion of the Annette filmography. All of the Funicello/Avalon beach flicks score between 4.5 and 5.4, averaging exactly 4.9. The retro addition to the Annette/Frankie series, Back to the Beach, was made two decades after the others and about the same time as Windsurfer, and that also scores 4.9!

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The All Movie Guide describes Windrider as follows:

This is a youth-oriented romantic drama about the relationship of a champion surfer and a rock singer. Enhanced by impressive sequences of surfboard derring-do and the exotic scenery of Western Australia, this film has plenty to keep young audiences entertained. P.C. Simpson  lives in a magnificent beachfront home with his wealthy father and indulges his passion for surfing on a daily basis. His father may fault him for not working at a regular job, but he can appreciate his son's remarkable abilities on the waves. Jade is a rock singer who starts an romance with the surfer, but just as it seems his life could not get better, several setbacks occur that threaten a wipeout.

That description is WAY too generous, but the AMG has one thing right. This flick was obviously targeted at young audiences, meaning VERY young ones, who may find the ridiculous rubber shark believable, the juvenile humor amusing, and Nicole Kidman's (dubbed) lame pop songs entertaining. The film would have disappeared without a trace by now if its 18-year-old female star had languished in obscurity, but she didn't. To the contrary, she became just about the biggest female star on the planet, so this featherweight flick stands as a crucial artifact in her filmography  ... and in her life, for that matter, since Miss Kidman and her co-star, Tom Burlinson, dated for many years. Windrider was Kidman's first adult role, although the future queen of elegance is barely identifiable as she schleps around in "hip" clothing, sporting a pudgy face, and with an enormous mane of frizzy, unkempt red hair. When the hair is piled atop her head, it makes her 5'11" frame seem about 6'7", ala Fletch in the 'fro. Of interest to us is the fact that it also includes the first onscreen exposure of her naked flesh, in three very brief nude scenes.

Apart from its ... er ... historical value, this movie has no real strengths except for a pretty cool poster (right), and some nice photography of actual windsurfing in some attractive Perth locations. The dialogue is typical Beach Blanket Bingo stuff like, "I guess that's what makes you so gosh-darn compelling." The main dramatic conflict is that the surfer has to get to the big surfing finals even though he's late and there are sheep in the road. He ends up abandoning his cool beach buggy and ... (wait for it to maintain tension) ... windsurfing to the windsurfing competition. Whoda thunk it? There's never any real doubt that Aussie Frankie will win Aussie Annette as well as the Koala Kup for Windsurfing, and the film has a frustratingly abrupt ending: he comes to shore victorious, gets a big hug from Kidman, and waves to the crowd. Then the credits start rolling.

And it doesn't even have Eric von Zipper.

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Scene 1: Kidman shows one breast in a shower scene. Her bum is distorted by frosted glass.

Scene 2: Kidman shows her breasts while lying on her back in a dark sex scene.

Scene 3: Kidman offers a very clear look at her bum and some side views of her breasts as she gets out of bed.

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Based on this description, this film is a D+. I'd probably score it a C-, a worthwhile look for some, if it were available on DVD, but it is not. As a surfing film targeted at younger teens, it is badly dated and completely avoidable, but you may be curious to see what Nicole Kidman looked and sounded like at 18.

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