Wild Things 4some


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

The SW Florida swamp rats are after the money of the bluebloods again. This one follows the formula of Wild Things almost to a tee, both in terms of plot and the film's directorial style. As usual, several people are working multiple schemes with multiple partners, and all of them are planning to double-cross at least one of their allies. The money will end up in the hands of the last one or two standing, after which the film will use the closing credits to reveal all the hole cards. You can probably expect that there will be some gratuitous nudity, and that every single major character will be sucked in to at least a portion of the master plan. The contrived plot tries to keep the viewers interested in out-guessing all the double and triple crosses, and trying to determine the identity of the master puppeteer who is ultimately manipulating everything and everybody.

The problem with this franchise is that the sequels are actually too similar to the original. They seem less like new movies than simply straight-to-vid remakes. In other words, you will want to see this film is you don't mind watching a bunch of unknowns pretending to be Bill Murray, Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, Robert Wagner, Denise Richards and Neve Campbell, all of them recreating the original Wild Things script from memory, so that it's kinda close but not exactly the same. If you saw the original Wild Things when it came out, watching a sequel is tantamount to watching a high school presentation of a Broadway musical which you have seen performed by the original cast many years ago. You know it's pretty much the same - just not as good - and you know approximately how it will all turn out, even if you saw the original too long ago to remember the precise details.

One nice thing about the franchise is that the sequels have maintained the tradition of lurid sex scenes. The original featured a notorious threesome. If you look at the title of this one, you should be able to guess precisely how it raises the ante.

Unfortunately, the sexual tryst gives the film a gaping plot hole. As you watch it, ask yourself this question: what happened to that third female in the red-hot foursome? Since she was the "witness" to the fake rape, the investigating detective would certainly be interested in talking to her, but the script just seemed to drop her as if she had never existed in the first place.

Or ... did it?

I think you can probably guess.

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  • Jillian Murray: T&A
  • Jessie Nickson: breasts
  • Marnette Peterson: only a brief butt shot and I have read that it was done by a body double.


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