Who Killed Buddy Blue?


by Tuna

Who Killed Buddy Blue is a made-for-cable erotic thriller, light on the thrills, heavy on the erotica, targeting a couples audience.

Porn superstar Buddy Blue, adored by fans and universally hated for the creep he his by everyone in the industry, is murdered during an orgy scene on set, which opens the film.  Someone injected an air embolism into his neck. The only forensic evidence was female genital secretions on the syringe, pointing to a woman murderer. Since they were filming at the time, all possible suspects and the murder itself were recorded, and half of the cast members were close enough to have committed the murder.

The investigating detective (Anthony Addabbo) is divorced, his previous partner having stolen his wife. His current partner (Scot Atkinson) is trying to get his own wife (Beth Tegarden) pregnant. The DA cuts a deal that has the porn producer/director cooperating with the investigation, so Addabbo splits the suspect list into "likely" versus "unlikely" and assigns the unlikely ones to his partner. Addabbo starts with the female superstar (Kimber Sissons). He interviews her in her home with nobody else present and he hasn't been laid in a year. Considering she is drop-dead gorgeous, a porn star, and sexy as hell, the obvious happens. She agrees to a lie detector test to clear her name, and passes it with flying colors.

So the mystery remains -- Who Killed Buddy Blue?

Women score it higher than men at IMDb. While the absolute numbers are statistically meaningless, the differential makes sense to me. The porn actresses are shown to be real people and not brainless bimbos or sluts, and Beth Tegarden plays an attorney. A sexy story with plot content that empowers women should have some appeal to the hornier elements of the estrogen demographic. What I haven't mentioned is that the film is intentionally witty and low key. The dialogue is smart and clever, making it a fast watch. For instance, in a flashback, a porn actress is doing a scene with Buddy Blue, when he tries to enter her backdoor. She stops him, saying that is not in her contract.


Our Grade:

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To me, this is a solid C, but is probably only for a narrow target audience. Porn lovers will find the sex scenes too soft, and erotic thriller fans will find that there is too much screen time devoted to nudity and sex. That leaves what is actually a rather charming film with a very small audience of couples only.

Who Killed Buddy Blue? (1996)

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2.8 IMDB summary (of 10)


Made for cable.


  • Beth Tegarden shows breasts trying to conceive with her husband.
  • Kimber Sissons shows everything in sex scenes with Addabbo.
  • Tane McClure, as another porn actress, also shows everything working and being questioned.
  •  Two unknowns also have substantial nudity in long scenes, but their characters are not identified in the dialogue, and I did not recognize them.