Which Way is Up? (1977) from Tuna

Which Way is Up? is a Richard Pryor comedy in which he plays three roles: the main character, his father, and a degenerate preacher.

The protagonist version of Pryor is an orange picker who unwittingly becomes a part of the effort to unionize farm workers. He is run out of town, and while he is working in the city, meets and falls in love with the lovely Lonette McKee, who is a union organizer. He witnesses an assassination attempt on the Caesar Chavez character, and chooses to keep his mouth shut. He is rewarded by the growers with a foreman job back home in the packing plant. He then has to juggle a wife, a girlfriend and son, and the wife of the preacher who gets his wife pregnant.


Lonette McKee showed only brief breast flashes, but looked great
Frankly, most of the humor was lost on me.  Pryor is good in the role, which wavers between over the top and believability, but this is a mediocre comedy at best. 

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