¿De qué se ríen las mujeres? (1997) from Tuna

¿De qué se ríen las mujeres? (What Makes Women Laugh?) is a Spanish musical comedy with roughly the same style of humor as I Love Lucy. The tale is narrated by a 17 year old boy. His father is a writer, his mother and two aunts are comediennes. One of the aunts is having a long- term affair with a married man, another is a man hater who wants to be a stage actress. His grandfather has just married a girl of 20.

His father was run over by a car while trying to pick up a chick at the grandfather's wedding. His mother is crestfallen and carries the ashes everywhere, speaking to her late husband's ghost. The ghost is encouraging her to find someone else, but she will have none of it until she finds his little black book, and realizes what he had been up to. She finally resolves not only to find someone new, but to learn how to have sex without love.

It is well photographed, and has pace, but I didn't much like the style of comedy, and the plot was not all that interesting either ...



  • It is in Spanish with optional English subtitles.

  • The letterboxed transfer was well done, but there are no special features



Verónica Forqué, as the mother, shows a breast trying to seduce a man.

Yolanda Ventura, as the 20 year old grandmother, shows breasts at the beach.

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  • It seems to have had a theatrical release in Spain, but I could find no results, nor reviews, and there are only 31 votes at IMDb, so it could not have been very widely seen.
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Based on this description, this is a C-. If you enjoy this style of comedy, it is technically sound and competent.

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