Webmaster (1998) from Johnny Web

"Webmaster" is a Danish movie featuring the haunting love-theme, "You are the Webmaster of My Heart". I didn't make that up. Yup, that's the life of a webmaster. We may look like fat geeks with B.O. and broken glasses and pizza stains on our shirts, but when we aren't studying coding tricks and browser bugs, why, we are deadly with the ladies. What a time it is to live in this world where the women push the quarterbacks and Fabio lookalikes aside to get to a man who never exercises. Top of the world, ma!

This film, starring a guy named Puk, is supposed to be about the internet of the future, which looks a lot like the first Atari Home games. And it projects a spooky future Denmark which is barely recognizable as Denmark. It's so high tech it looks almost like you could be ...

... I don't know, maybe in The Netherlands.

Pretty doggone eerie.

I knew I was in trouble with this DVD when the "special features" included "sound" and "a menu". And those weren't SOME of the special features, they were ALL of them. Whew, that is almost as high-tech as the future they predict. What a dizzying ride the future of Denmark will be, with those computer generated graphics that look just like in the old movie "Tron". It only makes me wish I were a younger man, so I could live to see such marvels. Assuming I could get Danish citizenship.

Nudity from Karin Rorbech and an unidentifed extra.

IMDB summary: 5.4 out of 10. These people must have been stoned to rate it so high. The fives are reserved for bad movies. This movie would really have to improve a lot to get up to "bad". The dialogue is laughable, it's technically obsolete, and boring to boot.

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