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Warm Blooded Killers (1999) is a dark comedy about a brother and sister who work as hit men. He is engaged to a stripper, collects baseball cars, and needs to think of every woman in his family as a virgin. She dated a porno film  maker, who secretly taped her, then sold it to satellite TV. Brother (Mick  Murray) kills the pornographer, only to find out that the creep was godson to his boss. Sister (Constance Zimmer) runs into person after person who recognizes her from the broadcast. When their boss gives them another contract on the  person he thinks killed his Godson, the conflict is set. The film was shot  in 13 days with a crew of 50, and was filmed in the LA area on what must  have been a very low budget.


Doria Valenzuela shows her breasts in her strip act

The plot was a little contrived, and not overly eventful, but I enjoyed this film very much. The reasons were good characterization from all the players, and very clever dialogue in places. I found myself caring from the characters, and even got some belly laughs. For example, The bride to be, Doria Valenzuela, wrote her own wedding vows, which she reads to the priest at the pre wedding meeting. She essentially says, even though I have had sex with hundreds of men, and thousands have seen my naked body, it is only you I am thinking of. Mick Murray tells someone who is trying to sell him a counterfeit baseball card that he has make a career choice to be a bad guy, and would really like to know the truth about the card.

The film has played in a few festivals, and is now on DVD. For a "B" comedy, it has a lot of entertainment value, and is is well worth the cost of a rental.

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bare bones, widescreen, 1.85:1, letterboxed

Scoop's notes:

I don't really have anything to add. I agree with Tuna's assessment. The characters are so interesting and multi-dimensional that you forget about the fact that the entire premise is contrived and unrealistic. The funny scenes can be very funny, and in its own way, it's actually a sweet picture, even though it's about professional killers with a very salty vocabulary.

It's a helluva good entertainment picture, but don't let your kids in the room while you watch it, because every character says "fuck" every second word. If your sweet little daughter watches this, she'll be talking like Tony Soprano.

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