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War Goddess or "Le Guerriere dal seno nudo" ("the warriors with bare breasts") is basically a titty flick, but it must have been conceived as a legitimate film. How else could the producers have enlisted the distinguished anti-war poet Robert Graves (author of  "I, Claudius" and its sequel) to be the scenarist? The director was Terence Young, who did the respected Wait Until Dark and three of the popular early James Bond films.

At any rate, the project seems to have taken on a life of its own, and morphed from an historical epic about an Amazon society into a titty-fest.

The films opens with a slaughter of a group of men by Amazon women. We meet Oreitheia (Sabine Sun) and her sister Antiope (Alena Johnston), who is in the process of collecting her first male head, evidently a rite of passage in her society. The two must rush back home to participate in the contest which determines the queen for the next four years. The contest consists of martial skills including spear-chucking, bows and arrows, etc, until there are only two women, who then wrestle topless for the crown. Antiope wins. Oretheia immediately starts to develop an attitude.

The next event on the social calendar is the annual compulsory mating which is necessary to insure the survival of their society. As distasteful as it is, the women will have to have sex with a group of men, and they will pay handsomely to do so. This time, they have chosen a Greek Army. The king of this group spots Antiope, and masquerades as a common soldier to have her. To her surprise, she enjoys the encounter. He also advises her of a short-cut back home but unfortunately it leads the women directly into an ambush.

Antiope gets rather frustrated with her reign. The man she enjoyed seems to have led her into a trap, and her baby was a boy - thus had to be killed. She decides revenge on the Greeks is in order. Of course, things don't really work out. I will leave those details for you to discover, but I will say that as the film ends, Antiope has become the first women's libber in history.




  • Part of a two-film set with War Gods of Babylon
  • The image quality is not at all good, and there is an apology at the beginning, announcing that they had to piece this version together from several sources.



Alena Johnson - full frontal and rear nudity.

Sabine Sun - nude except for a modesty patch

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  • IMDB summary. IMDb readers say 3.9 based on 39 votes, so I am clearly not the only one who had never heard of it.
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Based on this description, as a mid 70s exploitation film, this is only a C-, but the caliber of the writer and director make it an interesting anomaly.

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