Walnut Creek


by Tuna

Walnut Creek (1996) is an erotic thriller for the couples market.

As the film opens, a woman issues a verbal put-down to some punks that want to pick her up, and is about to be beaten for her trouble when a very tough hombre rescues her.

Cut to different characters, three years later. The Styles family has lots of advantages, including the huge Walnut Creek Ranch and a successful development business, but everything is not rosy. David Christensen and wife Rochelle Swanson have grown apart, largely due to his tendency to be a workaholic. Daughter Renee Weldon doesn't like her stepmother, and makes no bones about it. She seems to be an equal opportunity hater, except when it comes to the hired hand, Alton Butler.

It is into this mix that the woman from the opening scene arrives as the new ranch manager. It seems that the ranch has always been a tax write-off, but now they need it in the black, and Kate Rodger, with the perfect resume, has been hired. This resume seems unlikely from someone who was a heroin junky living on the streets only three years before. We fairly quickly learn that the nasty man who saved her has groomed her for this job because Styles once put him in jail with some testimony. Kate's assignment is to get dirt on Mr. Styles so her benefactor can crush him and his new business venture.  Rodger soon discovers that she likes Walnut Creek, and likes Mr. Styles, so she pursues her own personal agenda, but there are many loose ends to tie up, like her benefactor, her intended's wife, the hired hand, and the daughter.

This is an adequate example of couples erotica - - moderately erotic; barely thrilling - made more desirable by the nude appearance of Kate Rodger, veteran of General Hospital and others.



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4.1 IMDB summary (of 10)


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Rochelle Swanson shows breasts and buns, as do Renee Weldon and Jacqueline Lovell as a masseuse. Kate Rodger does full frontal and rear nudity.