Waitress! (1981) from Tuna

This is one of a new series of remastered early Troma films, pre Toxie.
 You can always count on Troma for consistent "bad movies," in bad taste, and with puns, gross-out humor, fart jokes, tits, in other words, everything I love about "bad films." This is no exception. The story meanders around a restaurant, and especially around three waitresses, a would-be actress, I would-be writer, and the daughter of the owner. 


Lots of breasts. The only actress we have identified is Carol Drake.

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  • no widescreen

  • The quality is decent, and there are some extras. 

 It would be going too far to say that this wackiness had a plot. Some of the bits are funny, some are crude, and most are stupid, but this is the kind of mindless bad film I need once in a while. 

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Based on this description, this film is a C, genre: screwball comedy

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