Vampyros Lesbos


by Tuna

As the film opens, Ewa Stromberg and her boyfriend are watching a club performance by Soledad Miranda, who is undressing and transferring her clothes to a naked woman acting like a mannequin. Ewa is spellbound, and has lurid dreams about the woman, who is calling her psychically. Ewa, who works for a legal firm in Istanbul, travels to an island to help with an estate problem, and falls under Soledad's spell. As you may have guessed from the title, Soledad is a lesbian vampire, the sole heir of Count Dracula. For some unexplained reason, she has chosen Ewa as her successor.

This Jess Franco classic has been alternately called The Heiress of Dracula, The Heritage of Dracula, Im Zeichen der Vampire, Lesbian Vampires, Lesbian Vampires: The Heiress of Dracula, Mal des Vampirs, Das, Schlechte Zeiten für, The Sign of the Vampire, Signo del vampiro, El, The Strange Adventure of Jonathan Harker, Vampiras, Las, The Vampire Women and Vampyros Lesbos: Die Erbin des Dracula. It is one of a trilogy from Franco staring Soledad Miranda and Ewa Stromberg. Shortly after finishing the third one, Miranda died tragically in an auto accident on the way to sign a major contract that would likely have earned her stardom.

If you are a Franco film, you know this one already. The film has a huge cult following, as indicated by more than a thousand votes at IMDb, and deservedly so. The film is a treat for the eyes. Franco is at his best here, using a largely red and black palette, sparse but effective set decoration, and effective symbols (scorpions, moths, etc.) to represent the major characters.

Our Grade:

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A good example of 1970s-era Euro-Horrotica. If you have been thinking of seeing your first Franco film, this is a good choice. It is rated the 12th highest of his many, many films at IMDb.


The simulated sex is very light, but the nudity is clear and plentiful.

  • Soledad Miranda, Ewa Stromberg and an unknown all show everything.
  • Heidrun Kussin shows breasts.


40 Rotten Tomatoes  (% positive)



Unknown. (Drive-in and grindhouse.)



5.4 IMDB summary (of 10)



Vampyros Lesbos

Australian Region 4 copy ... a beautiful widescreen transfer. The film was originally a joint Spanish/German co-production, so the dialogue is in German. The downside of this version is that the subtitles have been burned in, but this is not a major problem because this film is all about imagery rather than dialogue, of which there is little.