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Turkey Shoot (1981) is an Australian exploitation originally film released in the US in a heavily edited (12 minutes cut) R rated version called Escape 2000. The longer version is now on a Region 1 DVD, marking the first time an uncut version has been available in the USA.

At some time in the future, the government demands absolute loyalty and mindless obedience, and deviants are sent to retraining facilities. We travel with three of them, a hooker (Lynda Stoner), an innocent (Olivia Hussey), and a free radio militant (Steve Railsback), who are being sent to the toughest of these retraining camps. The camp director has a unique way of keeping his population down. He organizes recreational prisoner-hunting expeditions for top government officials, and our three are picked as victims.

The film's claim to fame is extreme violence, but it does have one very nice nude group shower scene, where we see a bunch of hippies, recruited only for this scene, showing full frontal. Both Hussey and Stoner had strict no-nudity clauses in their agreements, but were arm-twisted into some exposure. Hussey shows her breasts, but her face is not in the shot. Stoner compromised, and did a nude shot from the back, showing buns.


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Stoner claims to regret having given in on the nudity, and both women now wish they had not made this film. Stoner, a staunch animal activist, did hold the line when she was asked to clean fish in one scene, forcing the prop manager to create fake fish.

The mutilation effects were rather strong, including one guard having his hands chopped off with a machete, one of the prisoners shot repeatedly with a crossbow, at least two people burned alive, etc. Australian critics united in their condemnation of the film, and most of the cast and crew would rather forget it.

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  • see the main commentary (right)

The transfer is a rather nice widescreen, some of the jungle footage is attractive, and there are several commentaries, shorts, etc, making it a rather nice DVD package. Unfortunately, the film is derivative, over the top, and, other than the extreme mutilation shots, nothing special.

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  • IMDB summary. IMDb voters score it 4.0/10. (Probably referring mostly to the R-rated version)
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Based on this description, this is a low C-. I didn't mind the time spent watching it, but then I am an exploitation fanatic. Non-fanatics: beware.

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