Trouble Every Day


by Tuna

This is a French horror offering from director Claire Denis, although the infrequent dialogue is basically in the English language, and the occasional French is subtitled.

Vincent Gallo and his wife Tricia Vessey are Yanks, off to Paris on their honeymoon. The first hint that something is wrong is when Gallo locks himself in the airplane restroom and fantasizes about his wife being covered in blood. Meanwhile, in Paris, Alex Descas has problems with his wife, Beatrice Dalle. We soon learn that Vincent Gallo knows Alex Descas and his wife, and eventually find out that Beatrice Dalle and Vincent Gallo have the same affliction. I don't want to give too much away, but lets just say that Gallo takes the phrase "eating pussy" literally.

Much has been made of two scenes that involve flesh-eating, but either I was anesthetized by the slow pace of the film, or the scenes were simply too dark, because they had little or no impact on me. I find the terms slow-paced and horror mutually exclusive in general (think old-school zombie films), which might explain my reaction to this film. It is not without plusses, mainly the photography, but also engaging performances by Tricia Vessey and Florence Loiret. Those positives were not enough to prevent me from being glad to see it finish, even though I felt the ending offered more questions than answers.

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  • Tricia Vessey does full frontal nudity in the tub.
  • Beatrice Dalle and Florence Loiret show breasts and bush at various times.


3 BBC (of 5 stars)
1 Guardian  (of 5 stars)
36 Rotten Tomatoes  (% positive)
34 (of 100)






3.4 IMDB summary (of 10)


Trouble Every Day

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