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I don't know if the Guinness people have a record for the least nudity and sex in a NC-17 movie, but this must be a serious contender. The IMDb reports that this was released in an unrated and an r-rated vversion, but the DVD is neither of the above. The NC-17 rating is clearly stamped right on the DVD itself, as well as on the box.
Not just because of that, but for many reasons, I was disappointed with this film. It came hyped as the first solid effort at a professional-level erotic thriller from a black cast and filmmaker.

The premise is this: lawyer finds that his sex life with his wife is getting a little stale. She feels the same way. In an attempt to spice it up, he persuades her to have a menage-a-trois. After the act is over, she is filled with ambivalent feelings, and this is very disappointing for the husband, who thought the whole thing was a dream come true.

The next part of the movie seems to be a struggle for power between the new woman and the husband, as both maneuver for control of the wife. This escalates into extreme actions. The husband is influential in having the woman's child taken away from her by the state.


Kenya Moore's aureolae fall out of her dress in one scene. She participates in a three-way sex scene, but nothing is visible.

Gretchen Palmer also participates in the dark three way, and the scene clearly reveals her buns as well as a dark look at one of her breasts. Palmer also wears t-shirts on several occasions, never with a bra, and sometimes with aureola and nipples clearly seen beneath the fabric.

Then the woman seems to gain revenge by destroying his business presentation with maggot-innfested food, trashing his auto, and sending his wife old movies of him with another woman.

Or maybe something doesn't add up. In the heat of the moment, the wife can't figure it out, but how could the new woman, someone they just met, have videos of the husband with another woman from some time ago? The filmmaker leaves us a very obvious clue. The wife continually dreams of an abusive ex-boyfriend. Why would these dreams take up so much of the film's running time unless they have some significance in the plot? Yet we never see the boyfriend, and she never discusses him with her husband.

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Oops, I guess I just spoiled the highly top secret surprise ending for you. Well, don't reveal it to anyone else.

To be fair, the plot is as good as or better than 99% of the erotic thrillers on the market. That's not the problem. The problem is that there's no eros. There's one exceptionally dark and fuzzy sex scene, some slipped nipples and t-shirts. That's it. And the film is neither well lit not clearly photographed.

Do this over again with some real flesh, shot in focus and properly lit, and it would be a very enjoyable genre picture, because the two women are well worth a look. Kenya Moore is a former Miss USA with a monstrous natural chest, and Gretchen Palmer just knows how to strut her stuff.

But an NC-17 movie with virtually no sex and nudity? How much market is there for that? I guess I miss the whole point. I suggest you avoid it.

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