Trivia With Uncle Scoopy




Part 1: Famous Pairs

Explanation: Unrelated things that somehow form the name of a related pair. Example: "One-armed pitcher and British Elvis" yields "Abbott and Costello". Needless to say, spelling doesn't count, but extra words make the answer wrong. Thus, "Jim Abbott and Elvis Costello" is wrong because it's not an associative pair. Also, ... oh, what's the sense? If you dont get it by now, you never will.

  1. Magic Mountain Author and George Reeves

  2. Detroit's slugging Norm and the star of The Mask

  3. Outcasts of Poker Flat author, and popular Dover seafood.

  4. Singer not really "Like a Virgin", and Byron's Harold.

  5. Ms. Franklin and Walt Frazier

  6. Our President and porno's Stark

  7. Greenish PepsiCo product or RIT product.

  8. Bowling great Earl and Blaxpoitation's female detective Jones.

  9. Jekyll's alter-ego and rebel from Indian sub-continent.

  10. Boxer Larry and Golfer Tom.

  11. Schwinn Product, and bad match for a blue suit.

  12. Alien computer, urns, and amphetamine.

  13. Broderick, McGwire, Skywalker, and Elton.

  14. Cartoon Pig and Mrs. Truman.

  15. (en Espaņol) Daniel de Nicaragua y actor Louis, Jr.

  16. Secretary Dean, Kansas and New Mexico capitals

  17. Dan Jenkin's Tiller and ex-Phillie McBride.

  18. Prom drink and Frances Gumm.

  19. Author Robbins and Bea Arthur character

  20. Lizard lyin'in hot sun, and author of Still Life With Woodpecker

  21. Ode to Joy and Tarantella.

  22. Frontiersman Davy, and staple bathroom fixtures.

  23. Sassoon (not Vidal) and Judge Bean.

  24. Abdominal exercise and mendicate.

  25. Behave like an orange grove and the opposite of "divide".

  26. Daniel-Day and Mr. Kent

  27. MB Boardgame and Seventh Seal character.

  28. Stripper, Joe Jackson, and Cafeteria-style.

  29. Belafonte and Jay Silverheels.

  30. William Boyd and Robert Redford.

  31. Alternative to sailin', and Dino.

  32. Watership ----, and Harry Callahan.

  33. "All the ________ day" and the master of The Tempest....Pun Alert.

  34. Helper with your mortgage, and "stupid" in Spanish. ......Pun Alert.

  35. Irish money, Bridge Bid, and "I get no" from Champagne.

  36. Fergie and George Segal.

  37. How some like it, and the buddy of bewitched and bewildered.

  38. "Common" infection, and Quahog-like

  39. Actress Arthur and Slugger Saduharah.

  40. What a pretty girl will do to you, and Whooping ailment.

Part 2: Strange Connections
Explanation: Strange combinations of things or puns that have a common link. Example: "Cruel Teen Heart Throb" yields "Marky de Sade".

I never said they would be easy.

  1. Husband and wife singing Ugandans.

  2. Was he writing about That Girl, or Helen of Troy launching a thousand ships?

  3. Brainy, post-Newtonian sports announcer.

  4. Animal-loving saint in a singing group with impossibly long beards.

  5. French philosopher/mathematician in front of an equine.

Part 3: Missing Links
Explanation: otherwise unrelated people with a connecting name-link. Example: "Teen detectives trace the Return of the Welsh Native Poet to Desolation Row from Doodyville (6 names)" yields "Buffalo Bob Dylan Thomas Hardy Boys".

OK, that was an extreme example. They won't be that hard.

  1. Corpulent vice-president wrote Myra Breckenridge with beautiful hair. (5 names)

  2. He had 95 Theses and a great billiards stroke. (3 names)

  3. Wealthy cartoon kid who impersonated Robin's #2 man. (4 names).

  4. Fey singer popular in 1984. (3 names)

  5. Lumberjack's wife who could eat a lot of fish-sticks (3 words).


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