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Treasure (aka Hawaii) is a soft core comedy shot on location in Hawaii, and concerns a modern treasure hunt.

Lisa Falcone has hired two soldiers of fortune to assist her in recovering a fortune buried by her ancestor, Boody B. Dunk. She has the one and only coded map, but is rightfully afraid of rogues, the worst of which she has hired to outfit and guide her. It is not a good sign when your guide walks around with a macaw on his shoulder and has a crew of lovely women and a strange man who lives under his porch. 

One of the soldiers of fortune is a lady's man, and the other hits it off with Lisa, thus facilitating sex scenes with all of the women. The trip is uneventful until Lisa overhears her companions plotting to steal the treasure, and even to kill her and her two hired flunkies if necessary.

Much of the humor derives from exaggeration, but not all. In a showdown scene between the soldiers of fortune and Big Jack and his gang, they shoot the macaw right off Big Jack's shoulder, at which point Big Jack makes the surprising statement, "You shot my bird."

Although it is a quick watch, this film is too long on story and too short on sex and nudity. It's a barely adequate genre film because of the light erotic content, but it might not be a bad choice for mixed company, and would be even funnier after a few drinks.

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  • Carla Holmes, Lisa Falcone, Alina Kaley and I Wan do full frontal.

  • Lori Morrissey shows all three Bs, but not at the same time.

  • Christine Lydon does shaved full frontal.


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Treasure (aka Hawaii)

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