Trash (1999) from Johnny Web

Zero budget grade z film about white trash guys growing up together in Northern Florida.

They beat each other and others up, they get drunk a lot, they shoplift, they fight with their abusive parents, they kill each other in hunting accidents, they get drunk some more, they rob convenience stores ...

... and that's just one day before dark. Then they start in on some SERIOUS carousing, killing, jailbreaking, etc. I'm not kidding when I say that they managed to slaughter a sweet little old lady on her way to a bake sale, ran over a puppy, destroyed a car intentionally, killed a jewelry store worker, and shot off a gun at random passing cars.

What wacky youthful pranks! Just like any of us. In other words, the usual movie redneck lives where everyone is doomed to spend an eternity repeating the same day again and again, surrounded by a backdrop of fan belts and power tools.


Marisa Ryan's breast is seen very briefly in an outdoor, nighttime sex scene. She's close to the camera, but not in focus.

Jaime Pressly does not get naked.

As movie cliche luck would have it, one of the four friends has some writing ability, and his teachers want him to use this talent to go to college far away from their Hicktown, but he doesn't know if he can walk away from his life.

There's a tough choice, eh? Do I stay with my psychotic murderous buddies who will be dead or in jail within weeks, so I can hang out with them in a town too small to have a convenience store, or do I take that scholarship to Columbia. Silly basic premise.

And, of course, that lad is the guy who grew up and wrote this semi-autobiographical movie. Typical first movie cut from the filmmaker's youth, except this one is in Waldo, Florida instead of the streets of the Big Apple.

No DVD for sale. The DVD is available for rental exclusively at Blockbuster. It is the worst possible DVD offering.

  • 4:3 version only

  • poor quality transfer

  • no features at all, and I maen NONE, not even a menu to select scenes.

Overwrought music and dialogue, soap opera plot twists and finale, all bound together by an irritating first person narration throughout the entire movie.

I had to watch the movie for about an hour before I figured out they were supposed to be high school students. The main actors are all about 25, and some of them look even older.

My favorite item on the official web site is a link to "DVD-daily magazine" - and you know what DVD-daily has on their site? A quote from the official web site, and nothing else! Talk about your circular logic.

Avoid this at all costs.

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Based on this description, this film is a D. Competent acting is not enough to salvage this script, which is sub-par even by grade b standards.

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