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Tillsammans (2000), or Together, is a Swedish production from Lukas Moodysson (Show Me Lies), and is considered a very good sophomore effort. It is a slice of life about a communal house full of socialists in the mid 70s. Rather than focus on a particular character, the film portrays everyone nearly equally, and has a wide variety of interesting characters to explore, from a "please everyone" sort of man, and his partner who has gotten him to agree to an open marriage, to his sister who leaves her alcoholic abuse husband and moves in with her two kids, to the lesbian who wants her ... you get the idea.


Jessica Liedberg as the lesbian shows her bush in a hilarious scene where they are having a communal meeting, and she is bottomless and airing herself because of a yeast infection. Anja Lundkvist shows breasts in three different scenes as the wife in the open marriage, and Lisa Lindgren is scene in a bra when Liedberg is convincing her to stop sharing her pits as a social statement.
available only on Region 2 DVD
The film is full of charm and wit, and the good and bad of the lifestyle is well balanced and represented in the film. It did very well on the festival circuit, winning several awards and nominations. I found the film a delightful, easy watch, with a very rich color palate, and a lot of human insight.

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