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T.N.T Jackson (1975) is a Roger Corman blacksploitation/Kung Fu/Crime film shot in the Philippines. 

The plot, not that it matters, has T.N.T. coming to revenge the murder of her brother. She runs headlong into an undercover narcotics investigation. The fighting is amazingly bad, with the punches obviously missing, the kicks looking more like an NFL punter than a martial artist, and no attention at all to continuity - Jeannie Bell flies through the air in white panties, and then lands in brown ones! 


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bare bones

The transfer is abysmal, obviously made from a very battered print with no effort to clean it up. The good news? Good breast shots from Playboy Playmate of the Month October 1969, Jeannie Bell, breasts from Pat Anderson getting out of the shower, and breasts from two unknowns. Maltin says 2 stars, and IMDB readers say 5.9/10.  

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Based on this description, well, I would have enjoyed it much more if the transfer would have been decent, but it crosses several genres, and has bad movie appeal, so C+.

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