Thriller - a Cruel Picture (1974) from Tuna

"The first film ever to be banned in Sweden!"

Thriller - a Cruel Picture, a Swedish film which has also been called They Call Her One Eye, may be the most extreme revenge film ever made. If you like revenge thrillers and don't mind extreme violence, nudity and hard core sex, this is your Mecca. Christina Lindberg makes Rambo and Charles Bronson look like pussies, and the film is even more explicit and sensational than the notorious I Spit on Your Grave!

Christina's character was molested as a young girl, an experience that left her speechless. As the film begins, she is now a young woman, still seeing a shrink and hoping to get her voice back, but living otherwise happily on her parents' farm. One day, while she is waiting for a bus to get to her doctor's appointment, a strange man picks her up, talks her into going home with him, gives her a knockout drop, hooks her on heroin, makes her sign a letter to her parents saying that she hates them and never wants to see them again, then forces her to turn tricks.


  • I am guessing that the hard core content was cut in, and not actually Christina Lindberg, but she does show everything several times in other scenes.
  • Despina Tomazani briefly reveals her breasts in a lesbian scene with Lindberg.

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  • Synapse films did a wonderful job on this film, restoring all of the footage which had been cut in various countries. In fact, this may be the first time an uncut version has ever been seen. There is both a Swedish and a dubbed English sound track, and the English dubbing is done very well. There are numerous special features, including a bunch of publicity stills of Lindberg naked.

Oh, and when she tries to run, he cuts out one of her eyes, hence the alternate title.

When she learns that her parents committed suicide because of the letter, she finally gets mad and gets even. Using her tips, she studies martial arts, shooting, and advanced driving skills. This training is intercut with her day job, which includes several minutes of hard core sex. The last act contains her revenge spree, which is brutal, explicit and merciless.

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  • TV Guide - no stars. "Totally obnoxious and vile action film starring Lindberg as a young victim of white slavery who is raped, mutilated, and beaten throughout most of this film, just so she can rehabilitate herself physically and return to affect her own tortures on those who did her wrong. Really depraved stuff from Sweden."

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Based on this description, this is a C+. As extreme revenge thrillers go, this may be the most extreme.

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