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Every week, I order a collection of B films, both recent and older ones, based on no more than an R rating and a plot summary that includes female characters. My hope is always that one of the weeks selections will turn out to be a nudity treasure. Superchick is such a treasure.


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It is a tittie flick about an airline stewardess who has men in New York, Florida and LA. In her spare time, she studies Karate. Her Florida boyfriend is in debt from betting on the dogs, and his bookie decides to use the girlfriend to smuggle guns on a plane to heist a shipment from a mob bag man.

You must be thinking, "sounds pretty lame, about on a par with other early 70's tittie flicks". What makes this one a treasure? Uschi Digart shows all three Bs in a lengthy scene as a porn actress and lesbian. Hard core star Candy Samples shows her amazing bazooms in a short after sex scene, Flo Gerrish shows breasts at a party, and Joyce Jillson in the lead showed breasts several times. Jillson appeared in Peyton Place on TV, and has a few other TV credits, but is best known as Ronald Reagan's personal astrologer. How often do you get to see the tits of a woman who was major advisor to a president?

The DVD is a Rhino release, which is not usually great news from a quality standpoint, but this is a pristine remaster from original source material.This seems to be a forgotten film. While it is more or less typical tittie-flick material, the dialogue is convincingly delivered for the most part, and many of the actors could actually act. The plot was a little thin, but the pace was fine, and the music wasn't irritating. Look for John Carradine in the cast.

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Based on this description, I have to give this a C+, the highest possible for the genre, and highly recommend it to Uschi fans and genre lovers.

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