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Histoire d'O (1975), known is English speaking countries as The Story of O, is still supercharged with eroticism nearly 30 years after it was made. I watched the French Region 2 PAL, and was rewarded with the cleanest version I have ever seen. There is Corinne Clery, and 7 women with appreciable exposure.

The film was banned in the UK for many years.

O is in love with Rene (Udo Kier), who takes her to a chateau to be trained as a slave. There she is whipped and abused in every imaginable way, but does it willingly out of love, and finds a good deal of pleasure there. Upon graduation, she is told that Rene is giving her to Sir Stephen (Anthony Steel), his half brother. O learns to love Sir Stephen, seduces a model, then convinces her to go through training so she can give her to Rene. Sir Stephen asks O to be branded and to wear clit rings to show that she belongs to him.

Histoire d'O (1975) day two. The reason for so much exposure in this film is partly due to the rules for the women at the chateau. They must:

  • Never wear underwear.
  • Always have their breasts exposed
  • Never cross their legs
  • Submit to any man

God needed 10 commandments, but they get the job done with only 4. Of course, all whipping is done nude. Here is a rough breakdown of the nudity.

  • Albane Navizet - Breasts
  • Christianne Minazzoli - Breasts and buns
  • Ewa Carson - Breasts
  • Jehanne Blaise - Breasts, bush and buns
  • Li Sellgrin - Breasts
  • Nadine Perles - Breasts, bush and buns
  • Sylvie Olivier - Closeup of her clit rings.

This region two includes a dubbed and an original French language version, optional subtitles, and two interesting shorts about the Paris Museum of Erotic Art, which appears to be well worth seeing. If you have the ability to play Region 2, this is well worth renting.

This may well be the best piece of soft core ever made. 

currently available only in region 2 DVD


  it is a softcore sex film. see main commentary

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