Stolen Sex Tapes


by Tuna

Stolen Sex Tapes is "couples erotica" presented in the thriller format, light on the thrills.

Sydnee Steele plays a local news commentator known for a short editorial at the end of each broadcast. She has paid her dues, and is so good that she is about ready to sign a network deal. The newscaster has hired a new agent to find her the best network deal, and has even slept with the female agent to add some incentive, but she has a small kink that might spoil her plans. She tapes all her sex acts.

This becomes a huge problem when she gets robbed, and the missing items include sex tapes of her and her political candidate boyfriend, who had been unaware of the taping. The person who stole the tapes did so for someone else, but watches them with his girlfriend, after which the two have great sex. He decides to ask for more money. We are to assume that the thief works for the political opponent, who is a sleazebag.  So, who was behind the theft? Will Sydnee get her job? Will her boyfriend win the election without resorting to dirty campaigning?

Stolen Sex Tapes does not break into my all-time top soft core list, but is not a bad watch. It's a decent genre effort, and should get you laid if you watch it with someone of the appropriate gender.






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Stolen Sex Tapes (2002)

It is now available from on a dual region (1 and 4) DVD with the original English soundtrack, and optional Spanish subtitles. The DVD also has an English trailer and a "making of" faaturette, also in English. Click on the picture above for purchase details.


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Syndee Steele shows everything, first in living color and then B & W when the tapes are played. Bobbi Harper, as the agent, shows everything in the girl/girl with Sydnee, and then has sex with the network guru. Cecelia Simon shows everything as the girlfriend of the thief. An unknown hooker shows everything offering a dirty story to discredit the political opponent.