SSI: Sex Squad Investigation


by Tuna

This film is available in two versions, R-rated and unrated. It would be natural to assume that the R-rated version is an edited version of the unrated version, but this is absolutely not the case. The unrated version is non-stop T&A and simulated sex, while the R-rated version is a raunchy comedy. Much of the humor was cut from the unrated version, and much of the nudity was cut from the R-rated version. To get both, the easiest way is to buy the R version and use the card inside to send for the unrated version for $3.00 postage and handling.

The plot summary for both versions would read the same. President Shrub has made sex outside of marriage illegal. Two feds intent on enforcing that law, A.J. Kahn and partner John Fedele, are out to apprehend a serial seductress. Will they succeed before the real plans of the serial seductress and the mastermind behind her are accomplished? We get to witness the serial seductress in action as a nun seducing a Christian, then in a Paris Anderson sex tape, and finally with President Shrub's slut daughter.

The majority of the film was shot in Manchester, England, with only some second unit outside shots of New York. Many of the performers are Brits, and have trouble with American and especially Texas accents. Still, if you like raunchy comedy spoofs, you might well enjoy the R-rated version. The biggest criticism is lack of skin, but the version with lots of skin and little humor is about as exciting as watching a baseball rain delay.

Our Grade:

If you are not familiar with our grading system, you need to read the explanation, because the grading is not linear. For example, by our definition, a C is solid and a C+ is a VERY good movie. There are very few Bs and As. Based on our descriptive system, this film is a:

C- (R-rated) / D (unrated)

Not really recommended either way, but the R-rated version might meet your minimal standards for raunchy comedy. Maybe.

The unrated version is just a succession of sex scenes, so if you want T&A, you can do much better.


(Unrated version)

  • A.J. Khan and Susie Best show bush.
  • T&A from Angelina Havusinner, Frankie Babe, Lex Martinez, Mckenzie Matthews, Natalie Heck, Rachel Travers, and Robyn Hunter.


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