Squeeze Play (1980) from Tuna

Squeeze Play (1980) is a tittie flick from Troma, another in the pre-"Toxie" releases. It is hard to believe that anyone in the production took it seriously, and the acting ranges from almost ok to abysmal. The humor is mostly of the gross-put variety, and many of the characters are way over the top. Of course, this is a tittie flick, so none of that matters. A New Jersey softball team, employees of a mattress company, beat their rivals. 
Their girlfriends feel neglected, both because of the men's interest in softball, and their out of control celebrating after a victory. They decide to get even forming their own team, led by Melissa Michaels, former semi-pro softball player. 


Jenni Hedrick and Helen Campitelli both show their
breasts in lengthy scenes, and there is a wet t-shirt contest. 
Lloyd Kaufman of Troma claims that the film is about women's liberation, and was very topical.  

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