Spider Babe (2003) from Tuna

Spider Babe (2003) is another Misty Mundae softcore vehicle from Seduction Cinema, this time a spoof of Spider Man.

Misty, now 22 but retaining that little girl look that has made her a softcore superstar, plays a quiet, studious college girl living with step-parents who seem to be a loving, conservative couple until she leaves, at which point they become kinky sex-for-sale types.


  • Misty Mundae shows everything, especially in a long lesbian scene with Darian Caine.
  • Darian Caine, as Mundae's best friend/roomie. Darian shows everything.
  • Chesley Hampshire, as the Bungwhole reporter shows everything.
  • C. J. DiMarsico, as a Mundae fantasy girl, is naked, but all we see are her breasts.
  • Julian Wells, as a scientist and Caine's sister shows everything.
  • Kelly Summers, as Wells "over paid eye candy" shows all three Bs.
  • Shelby Taylor, as the bee woman, shows everything
  • Tiffiny Sinclaire, as a mugging victim, briefly flashes her breasts.
Misty is bitten by a genetically engineered spider, then finds that she has gained super spider-powers, such as strength, the ability to climb up the side of buildings, an insatiable appetite for sex, and the ability to shoot spider webs from her crotch.

She develops her persona and costume to wrestle "Queen Bee" for a thousand dolalrs, and manages to "lick" her. From there, she runs afoul of the Daily Bunghole, a sleazy tabloid, catches crooks, has a whole lot of sex, and gains an arch nemesis.

This film is nearly non-stop nudity and all of it was shot in great light. Thankfully, this is a worthy effort, as opposed to the last several Mundae releases. It is very nice to see Seduction Cinema return to form.

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Based on this description, this is a clear C, with everything you watch a Misty Mundae film for: naked chicks in good light and a lighthearted spoof for context.

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