Sorority Boys (2002) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Sorority Boys is the usual awful grade-b fraternity stuff which tries to capture the spirit of Animal House and fails. In a tip of the hat to the Belushi masterpiece, it even features Flounder's old nemesis, the evil Niedermeyer (Mark Metcalf), who is now old enough to be playing the evil dad of an evil frat guy. Time does fly.

The basic plot:

Three colorful characters are ejected from the frat on a frame-up. They end up dressing like girls and bedding down in a sorority - in full drag. As usual when this premise occurs in films, the cross-dressers learn about the abuse that women must endure at the hands of scumbags like themselves.

Unfortunately, where the Delta House was rowdy, the Kappa House  (KOK - Kappa Omicron Kappa, of course) is just mean-spirited most of the time. The film isn't very funny and has more than a touch of uncomfortable misogyny. The New Times critic called it, "Not only unfunny, but downright repellent", and I tend to agree. On the serious side, its "lessons" and "character growth" are a re-hash of material covered earlier and better by other films.

Rent "100 Girls" instead, or watch some old episodes of "Bosom Buddies".


Barry Watson and four anonymous guys show their butts.

There is miscellaneous female nudity, but it is generally disappointing and a cop-out. One was a breast close-up with no head. One was out of focus. One was an anonymous girl on a tape-within-the-movie. The only worthwhile scene is a wet t-shirt scene resulting from a sprinkler prank.

In the interest of fairness. I have to admit that the film did have some youth appeal - note the Demographics from IMDB :
age score
below 18 7.0
18-29 5.6
30-44 4.8
above 44 3.3

The Critics Vote

  • General consensus: one star. Ebert .5/4, 2/5

The People Vote ...

  • with their dollars: It generated no heat at the box office. Made for $12 million dollars, it grossed $10 million.
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Based on this description, I must regretfully say it is a C- by our definition. It's a poor movie, as indicated by the summaries at RT and Metacritic, but a lot of young guys at and thought it was funny! C- appears to be the right grade, but I didn't like it at all (a reaction which was typical for my own age group).

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