Son de mar (2001) from Tuna

Son de mar, or "Sound of the Sea", is a love story directed by Bigas Luna (Jamón, jamón, Las Edades de Lulú, etc.). It is a love triangle. Martina (Leonore Watling) works in her parents' bar. The richest young man in town, Sierra, Eduard Fernández, is after her in a big way, much to her parents joy, but she instantly falls for a mid-semester replacement language and literature teacher, Ulises (Jordi Mollà). She manages to get pregnant by him, forcing him, and her parents, into the marriage she wants. After the baby is born, Ulises goes fishing in his small boat, and doesn't return. His boat washes up on the ricks, and they hold a funeral. Martina sees the peril in being a single mother, and marries Sierra. True, she is not happy, but she is wealthy and comfortable -- at least until Ulises returns. He phones, and remember this guys, if you ever need a sure fire pick-up line,, and says, "I travelled every ocean of the world, only to discover that I can't live without you".

Even with subtitles, this is a very easy watch, so I will leave the rest of the plot for a surprise.


Watling has numerous sex scenes in which she shows breasts and buns, and has full frontal in the surprise ending.
not available in Region 1
The scenics are wonderful, and the photography is stunning, which made me appreciate the excellent Widescreen transfer. The Region 2 DVD includes a "making of" featurette, a version of the official Web site, and several other extras. I don't know if we will see a US release, because there is a male full frontal from Jordi Mollà, which would probably give the MPAA fits.   

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  • nominated for two Goyas, including best adapted screenplay


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  • with their dollars: 400,000 admission in Spain (about equal in popularity to a $20 million dollar picture in the USA


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Based on this description, this film is a C+. I enjoyed this odd love story, mainly due to the scenery, including the gorgeous Watling, and some very picturesque Spanish coast.

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