Something More (1999) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

A small movie, perhaps best described as the Canadian version of Diner.
 Six guys play together on a church league basketball team, and try to sort out their problems with love. There's the idealistic guy who comes early for practice, tries to do his best at everything and wants to find true love. Then there's the naive newlywed, the married guy, the drunk, the shallow womanizer, the Professor and Mary Anne.


female: none

male: the coach of the team is seen naked from behind in the locker room

After the first three or four minutes, you won't have any problem figuring out exactly what is going to happen, so you stay or leave for the dialogue. I chose to leave, but it is an OK movie. A few laughs, a few poignant moments, and a spirit of trying to express its story with honesty instead of the usual glib Hollywood formula. If you like the Diner genre, guys chatting in bars and doing manly things, you shouldn't find it a hard watch.

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Basic plot: the nice guy always seems to want the same women that the studly guy can easily get. So the two guys have to work that out, and the girl of the nice guy's dreams (Chandra West) has to come to realize that the studly guy ...  

You know the rest. Jennifer Beals appears in a small role.

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