Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (1997) from Tuna

As near as I can tell, this is a syndicated TV series that ran for at least two years. The story concerns a group of mercenaries who seem to have a military rank and base privileges, but receive millions of dollars for what they do. AN IMDB comment calls it an "intelligent A team." 
The DVD I watched was 90 minutes, or 30 minutes longer than the normal running time of the show. That would make me think pilot, but the film has breast exposure and buns in a thong of Donna Scott. Possibly the original pilot was to be marketed somewhere other than the US. 


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As the film opens, we see a horribly botched hostage rescue attempt in Mexico, where Major Matthew Quentin Shepherd (Brad Johnson) barely gets his squad out, and they are all crippled and/or dying. One after another, the Major thinks of his team members, and we see the opening scene again, but focusing on that team member. That takes up the first 40 minutes of the film. 

Then, we learn that the entire team is fine, but the Major is seriously screwed up, and the first 40 minutes of the film has been his deranged nightmare.

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 He requires long term physical therapy to recover from having his knees shattered by machine gun bullets, which gives him time to seduce his nurse, and gives the rest of the team a chance to come up with a bad plan to go back in and get even. 

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Based on this description, I say D+. The series seems to have some supporters,  but I was not at all impressed with the pilot.

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