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Smooth Operator (1995) is a soft-core video romance novel. A successful business woman (Megan Hughes) decides to work out and flatten her tummy, and takes a tip from her secretary (Candace Camille Bender) on a gym and personal trainer. We see all three Bs from Candace as she gets very personal training indeed. The trainer, has no shortage of muscles, ambition, charm and sex drive. Hughes hires him to train her at her house, and he seduces her, with the idea of bettering his life. The relationship costs Hughes a promotion she was counting on. I won't reveal the ending, other than to say that it is a romantic and happy one.


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This is targeted at the couples market, which is to say that it has enough flesh from both Hughes and Bender to keep men watching, but has themes, stories, and romance to engage women as well. (For those guys half asleep, watch this with your girlfriend, and get laid for sure). The acting seems a little un-natural in parts, and there was some very annoying orange lighting, but, all in all, this was a good genre effort.

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Based on this description, this film is a C. OK genre effort, the genre being couples-oriented softcore

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