"Slugs" (1987)

(Not a Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski) review. This review guest-written by Tuna)

Slugs, IMDB name "Slugs, muerte viscosa" is a New World exploitation gore film US/Spanish collaboration.

The film has a problem at the onset. The very name slug is synonymous with slow and dull, and is hard to make a convincing monster out of, even if they are mutant, giant and man-eating. IMDB users have it at 3.3/10, which is a little harsh. This film is not totally without merit. It has the look and feel of a big budget polished production, pretty good pace, and bad guys in addition to the slugs.

The slugs have mutated because of a toxic waste landfill, and are released when some preliminary construction is done to put a shopping mall over the landfill. People start getting "slimed," and the good guys (head of the health department, and waste disposal department head), quickly discover the cause. With the help of a school science teacher who has the worst British accent ever put on film, they also discover a way to do them in. The problem is that the mayor, the chief of police and the head of the water department don't believe them.


Good pace
Good Photography
Lots of gore
Great tag line: "They ooze. They slime. They kill."


Weak plot with lots of holes
Poor acting
Cheesy Dialogue (Hmmm, maybe this is a plus)
More of an EWWWWWWWW factor than a scare factor

For more information, visit Bad Movies. Listen to the wav file of my favorite line from the film. "Well of course I like you, but liking you and letting you get into my panties is a different kinda thing."

Substantial nudity from Kari Rose, including an accidental open-leg shot from behind.

IMDB summary: 3.3 out of 10.

DVD info from Amazon. Decent anamorphic transfer, original trailer, but no commentary of major extras.

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