Slackers (2001) from Tuna

Slackers is an extraordinarily bad comedy about three friends who scam their way through college. When another student catches them cheating on an exam, his price for silence is that they help him get the girl of his dreams, Laura Prepon. Only trouble is that he is a monumental jerk, and one of the three friends clicks with her.


The real surprise in this film was the lengthy breast exposure from a 71 year old Mamie Van Doren. You have to love an industry that will give a nude role to a 50s bombshell in 2002.
I found very little to laugh at, was put off by the score, and could have done without some of the trick photography.  I honestly can't recommend this film at all.

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  • The widescreen transfer is pristine, well saturated, bright, and not a hint of noise anywhere.

Scoop's note:

Devon Sawa ("Idle Hands") and Jason Schwartzman ("Rushmore") are considered two of the top five comic talents in their generation.

Which goes to show you just how bad this script was. Anybody can make a bad comedy with Tom Arnold, but it takes a true genius to make one with gifted performers.

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  • General consensus: less than a star. Ebert 0/4, Berardinelli 1.5/4, 1/5

  • General UK consensus: one star. Daily Mail 0/10, Daily Telegraph 5/10, Independent 4/10, Guardian 2/10, Evening Standard 1/10, Express 4/10, BBC 2/5.

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  • IMDB summary. IMDb voters score it 4.3/10, Guardian voters 4.8/10
  • with their dollars: it only grossed $4.81m (half of that the first weekend) against an $11m budget.
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Based on this description, this film is a D+. It is a technically sound comedy bomb..

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