The Sicilian (1987) from Tuna

After breaking in as a director for Clint Eastwood with Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Michael Cimino directed the wildly successful Deer Hunter, and was given a blank check by United Artists to make Heaven's Gate. The film was bad enough that it resulted in the death of United Artists, which, to be fair, was already in trouble. In the Sicilian, he attempted to prove that he had not yet made his worst film, and succeeded beyond imagination:
  1. Very Long
  2. Confusing Plot
  3. No Pace
  4. No Character Development
  5. No Character Motivation
  6. Mostly very dark back-lit scenes
  7. Very Grainy
  8. Deadpan Leading Man
  9. Obvious Ending


Like Heaven's Gate, the film's only real positive was female exposure. In this case, Barbara Sukowa shows all three Bs early in the film, in a bath scene, after which she goes out on a balcony and flashes a tit at "The Sicilian" who is stealing two of her horses. Near the end, she shows breasts and buns in a love scene when he comes to steal her jewelry. She is so touched by the gesture that she screws his brains out.
The "Sicilian" is played by Christopher Lambert, who should have warn a Greek mask the entire film. The one expression on the mask would surely have been more interesting than the one his face was frozen into for the entire film. What's worse is that he is supposedly portraying a charismatic outlaw, Salvatore Giuliano. 

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bare bones

Guiliano wanted to be famous and popular, and had a brainstorm. He woke up one morning and decided to go against the Mafia, the Italian government, the nobility, the communist party and the Catholic Church, and win the right for peasants to own land. As you can clearly see, that was a mostly sensible plan, except that the peasants didn't want land, which would mean hard work. What they wanted was free bread.

In the one thing that rings true in the entire film, he was not able to single-handedly defeat every man, woman and child in Italy.  

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