She's Gotta Have It


by Tuna

She's Gotta Have It was Spike Lee's breakout film, and tells the story of a successful middle class black woman who does ad paste-up for a living, and has three lovers, all of whom know about each other. First, there is Jaimie (Tommy Redmond Hicks) a serious and caring man who believes she is his soul mate. Number two is Greer (John Canada Terrell) an upscale Manhattan model, narcissist, and "oreo cookie" (black on the outside, white on the inside). Finally, there is Mars (Spike Lee) who is funny, street smart, quick-talking, but hard-core unemployable. Each serves a different need for her, and perhaps the combination is her perfect man, but the guys are not content to share her.

She also has a lesbian friend who would like to become lover #4.  At one point she sees a shrink to find out whether she is a sex addict.

It is in luminous black and white, and is a very fast watch. I found the film very accessible, and enjoyed most of the characters, especially Spike Lee, who really has a great deal of comic ability in front of the camera, and Tracy Camilla Johns, who has a dynamic and sexy presence.


Our Grade:

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Tracy Camilla Johns shows breasts in several scenes.



This film won good reviews and several newcomer awards, and started Spike Lee on his successful career.

96 Rotten Tomatoes  (% positive)


Box Office Mojo. It grossed about seven million dollars.



6.2 IMDB summary (of 10)


* widescreen