Shark Zone (2003) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Here are the previous writing efforts of Danny Lerner, who wrote and directed Shark Zone:


An unknown swimmer jumps into the water topless.

He also directed a film which he didn't write:

Based on the IMDb Bottom 100, US Seals is rated the same as the 13th worst movie of all time, Traitor's Heart 19th worst. The 100th worst movie of all time, Arthur 2, is rated 3.6 - better than 9 of the 10 films listed above.

So keep your expectations low, m'lads.

This film involves underwater treasure being guarded by a school of great white sharks, and some Russian mob guys who really want that treasure. I suppose that a shark film is not a bad career choice if nine of your ten movies qualify to be among the worst 100 of all time, and you are planning to film an English language movie with only four English-speaking actors. You don't have to write any dialogue for underwater scenes, and you can get the actual shark attack on film simply by taping shark footage off The Discovery Channel. (Or in the case of this movie, you can tape whale footage and pretend it's a shark.) Stock footage works fine because everyone looks alike and sounds alike underwater.

Here are four examples of the very convincing special effects. (L) A shark breaks through the hull of a ship and chows down on a woman. Note that no water enters the ship as part of this process. The shark itself also seems rather dry. Maybe it's a land shark? "Candygram". (LC) Worst miniatures ever. (RC) Worst CGI montage ever. The shark in the pool is partially transparent. (R) The shark's body double is obviously an Orca, not a shark.

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Ah, the joys of low budget filmmaking. Part or most of Shark Zone was filmed in Bulgaria. I suppose when they were there they had a shortage of actors who could portray Americans, and I'm guessing that one of the guys who was supposed to show up did not, because an American actor named Alan Austin plays two of the major roles in this film. No, they aren't brothers or identical cousins or anything like that. The characters aren't supposed to look alike. They just do. There are only five characters in the movie who can speak English without a heavy accent, and Mr Austin is two of the five! I guess he's making up for lost time by doing two roles per movie now, because IMDb says he didn't work at all from 1987-1999.

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Based on this description, this is a D, or maybe an E. Not worth watching. The photography is remarkably vivid and colorful, however, despite the poor special effects, and the Bulgarian coastline looks great. Looks like the San Francisco area.

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