The Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing (2004) from Tuna

This is a comedy spoof from Seduction Cinema staring Erika Smith as the only living descendant of the famous vampire hunter Van Helsing. She is a college nerd and virgin, and is tasked with a revenge killing of the dread Dracoola (Darian Caine). Dracoola eventually ends up using her to recruit virgins, since the dark one needs virgin blood to retain her youthful appearance. Smith logically goes after lesbians, since they are the only likely virgins.

One of the highlights in this erotic masterpiece was Abraham Van Helsing's ghost, played by Bob McKay. He had me laughing out loud several times. The jokes had a certain intelligence, unlike most of Seduction Cinema's output. The entire film was played for laughs rather than mock passion or horror, and I applaud the decision. You have to see AJ Kahn explaining to Erika Smith what sex is, and also what carpet munching means.

It is supposed to deliver entertainment and nudity, and does both. This was clearly the funniest Seduction Cinema release I have ever seen, and there is no shortage of nudity, as all of the women on the bullet point list below show everything, except Isadora Edison, who shows breasts and buns.


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  • This is the second time Seduction Cinema has made a Van Helsing movie. (Vampire's Seduction is the other.) Both versions are on the DVD.

  • There's also some behind the scenes documentary, deleted scenes, and commentary.

  • Erika Smith, the star

  • Darian Caine, the vampire

  • AJ Kahn, as Smith's only friend.

  • Four lesbians recruited as Dracoola food, played by Andrea Davis, Jessica Abbott, Tatiana Stone, and Isadora Edison (who also played Horney the Clown in a deleted scene)

  • Misty Mundae and an unidentified actress as two participants in a three woman fantasy.

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Based on this description, this is a solid C+, a top of the line film of its type. If you enjoy soft core comedy spoof, this is a must see.

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