Sexual Surrender


by Tuna

Sexual Surrender is best described as a softcore romantic comedy, heavy on the comedy, although you could also make a case for it being a sexy satire of corporate dirty dealings.

Our hero is living with the oversexed daughter of his boss. He has been summoned to a board meeting for the first time, where he finds that he is being given the rare honor of providing illegal assistance in the company's hostile takeover of a lingerie business. He also suddenly gets more ass than a crosstown bus, and his past catches up with him with hilarious results.

The film had some budget-related liabilities. Jacques Freydont, as the ruthless corporate head, flubbed several lines. Evidently there was no budget for second takes, or possibly he was not capable of line delivery. Fortunately, he is the antagonist, and we are supposed to dislike him anyway. His incompetence is offset by winning performances from Angela Davies and Ann Marie. Either actress is good enough for mainstream B movies, and maybe even more.

It actually is an amusing movie. I especially enjoyed the humor in the subplot involving Angela Davies. It also features an amazing amount of nudity, some of it in creative positions and/or locations, so the sex scenes hold interest.

Take away the plot and the humor, and the sex and nudity alone make it watchable. Take away the bulk of the nudity, and the script would remain quite entertaining.  You can't ask much more from a softcore film.

Our Grade:

If you are not familiar with our grading system, you need to read the explanation, because the grading is not linear. For example, by our definition, a C is solid and a C+ is a VERY good movie. There are very few Bs and As. Based on our descriptive system, this film is a:


Top o' the line for a genre film.


  • This film has 3 pairs of enormous breasts, one shaved pussy, a lesbian scene, and fetish attire.

  • Ann Marie, Simone and T.J. Hart show breasts.

  • Mandy Fisher and Angela Davies do full frontal and rear nudity.

  • Brooke Hunter does shaved full frontal and rear nudity.


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Sexual Surrender

This is only available from on a dual region (1 and 4) English language DVD with Spanish subtitles.