The Sexual Story of O


by Tuna

The Sexual Story of O (1984) is a Jess Franco Spanish film titled to take advantage of the popularity of the Story of O. It is a story of sado-masochism by the very wealthy. A couple seduces the young Alicia Principe, then delivers her to a perverted royal couple on an island, where she is ravaged, drugged and beaten, then murdered.

Franco thinks of it as a love story.

The male half of the couple her falls in love with her, blows away his wife and the twisted royals, then carries her dead body into the sea. Jess was proud of that ending, saying that it symbolized that the two people had to go to another plane to find happiness.

Jess does a little of his psychedelic photography during the torture scene at the end of the film, but otherwise spends the film shooting naked women in good light alone and fondling other women and/or a man.


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The Widescreen transfer is excellent. The DVD audio is in Spanish with optional English subtitles, but the dialogue is pretty much unnecessary, so the language is not important.


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  • Alicia Principe and Mari Nieto show everything.
  • Carmen Carrion shows breasts