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Sexual Predator (2001) is a direct to vid named "Last Cry" at IMDB. It is an erotic thriller featuring Angie Everhart as a probation officer in charge of probation for Richard Grieco, famous photographer, who accidently strangled Angie's best friend having kinky sex. He plea bargained to 5 years probation. As soft core, this film was disappointing. Most of the sex scenes looked like people posing for a still photographer. There was very little heat or passion, except for a scene in a sex club, where we see a woman masturbating, then a couple doing it on stage. While Angie watches, Grieco caresses her, in what is the hottest scene of the film. The film was lit to emphasize Angie's red hair and freckles, with a lot of orange light. It looks like Angie is poised to be the next star of soft core thrillers. She has the looks for it, and is not totally without acting ability, but she seems to me like she is more likely to give you frostbite or a knife in the back that great passion. So, as soft core, it is disappointing.

On the other hand, it is a far better than average thriller. Not only was I not able to guess the ending, but I actually cared what the outcome was, and they played no mis-direction games to keep you from guessing what ended up being a completely logical outcome. Angie shows breasts and buns, but wears an obvious crotch patch. Someone credited as McKayla plays her girlfriend who is murdered before the film starts. She shows everything in some flashbacks. There are four un-identified actresses in the sex club that show pretty much everything, and another young woman who also shows everything as Grieco's model.


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I pretty much agree across the board with Tuna's thoughts. Most erotic thrillers have decent sex scenes but full apart in the plot and characterization. This one actually has a good mystery, fairly interesting characters, and fairly competent actors. I watched it all the way to the end because I was curious about the identity of the killer. Then, when I found out, I was pleased that the explanation was both surprising and justifiable. And finally, the elements of the film after the murder is revealed were deliciously unpredictable and imaginative. That's the earmark of a slick thriller. Very satisfying and entertaining ending. So give 'em good marks for a really top-notch script by genre standards.

The weakness of the film, as Tuna said, is that the sex scenes are without heat or imagination, and Angie never shows her pubes. There are two scenes. Guy lies down on his back both times (different guys). Angie goes on top. We see her breasts. She tries to cover her crotch with her hands, because she's wearing a crotch patch. Having said that, I have to admit that watching Angie in a sex scene is an impressive thing even if the scene is not done that well. With her height and her great body and her awesome mane of red hair, she is an impressive sight without her clothing. So, I probably liked it more than Tuna, even though I agree with all his comments. The sex scenes weren't that hot, but c'mon Tuna - it was Angie!

Another thing I found very sexy was the erotic tension between Angie and Grieco. It was not clear from their first meeting that they would have sex, so the tension built up gradually, and the scene where he feels her up in the public club was very sexy, indeed. Given that fact, and the fact that it was Angie Everhart and not one of the usual Skinemax crowd, I have to say it was a pretty good erotic thriller - a plot interesting enough to hold your attention, and Angie naked in two sex scenes. That's a pretty solid combination, if you like this sort of thing. (I do when it is done well)

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I love the error in the plot summary at IMDb - "a parole officer gets involved with a serial killer". Oh, sure, didn't you know, they let serial killers off on parole now. "OK, you killed 14 nuns and 25 nurses, but given your lack of a criminal record, I place you on two years' probation, and sentence you to 200 hours of community service in the hospital. But stay away from those nurses, ya big knucklehead!"

Grieco was not really any kind of a killer. He was a sexual hedonist who was trying to please his partner. She begged for sexual asphyxiation, and he agreed. Instead of coming, she went. It was as much of a suicide as a murder. Grieco was guilty of causing a death by reckless endangerment, but that's not really like being a serial murderer, is it?

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Based on this description, this film is a C+. We agree on this one. Tuna's comments: "Because of the nudity and sexuality, this can get no better than a C+ based on lack of crossover appeal, but I strongly recommend it as a mystery thriller. C+"

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