Sexual Magic


by Tuna

IMDb lists this as a horror film, which will surely lead to some major disappointments for horror lovers. It actually belongs to the genre of "couples erotica," and the supernatural aspect centers on the ever-popular subject of witchcraft as practiced by large-breasted college coeds. Not unexpectedly, most of the spells have to do with sex, so there are numerous male/female and female/female couplings.

There is also plenty of solo action but presumably they did not need witchcraft to masturbate.

Jacy Andrews is top of her class with straight As, and is engaged to the rich hunk Jared Lincoln. The only challenge in her life is that she needs to find a new apartment. She finds the perfect place, sharing with Amber Newman, Jezebelle Bond, Tenna Kai and Nikki Fairchild. What Jacy doesn't know is that the other four are witches looking for a fifth to complete the coven. To make matters worse, one of them practices black magic and covets everything Jacy has.

The film consists almost entirely of rather lame rituals followed by simulated sex, with some occasional narration by Jacy lest you get lost.

It does have five well known women who do full frontal and rear nudity, and lots of simulated sex, thus meeting the genre minimums.  If any of the five starring women are among your favorites, you will certainly see lots of them here.

Our Grade:

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  • Jacy Andrews, Amber Newman, Jezebelle Bond, Tenna Kai and Nikki Fairchild show everything.


No major reviews online.



Made for adult cable.




3.5 IMDB summary (of 10)

 Sexual Magic (2001)

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