The Sexperts


by Tuna

This early East Coast sexploitation effort compares the lives of two lovely young women who share an apartment. We have Lana Lynn, new in town, who is a wannabe actress, and longs for all the good things in life. She moves in with Rusty Allen, who works for a department store as a model but longs to be married with children. Lynn rather quickly finds her sugar daddy, while Allen has troubles with her true love straying.

Producer William Mishkin was no stranger to film when he made this one. His specialty was finding mildly titillating titles to distribute, then over-hyping the sexual content in his promotional campaign. He distributed lots of burlesque titles, for instance. In the mid-50s, the amount of skin and sex in sexploitation films hit his comfort level, and he decided to produce his own. 

The framing mechanism in this particular film is rather awkward, and demonstrates some typical Mishkin approaches. The story is not really about the two girls, but rather about three filmmakers who are writing a script for a movie about the two girls. There is some dialogue, but most of the words are narration. Mishkin must have felt the nudity was not sufficient when the director had finished filming, so they inserted several of his familiar color burlesque loops into the B&W movie. The narrator rationalized this by explaining that the writer wanted to shoot in color, so the color sections pictured his concept of how those scenes would look. This, like the other monologues from the narrator, ranges from quaint through dated and all the way to laughable.

This is a time capsule look at New York in the 60s, and a reminder that, no matter how sophisticated we felt in 1965, it was still an innocent period. Things would change forever over the next two years.

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The new two-disc package (see details to the right) should be welcomed by those who, like me, are fascinated by the sexploitation era.


  • Lana Lynn shows breasts in the bath.
  • Rusty Allen shows breasts and buns changing out of a bikini.
  • Several unknowns show breasts and buns in the inserts.










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A two-disk special edition is due for release January 29, 2008. Again, we have the Retro division of Seduction Cinema to thank for finding an inter-neg of this long lost film, and restoring the B&W segments to a mostly clean DVD.

Along with the feature, the first DVD includes the burlesque loops used in the inserts in their entirety. The second DVD is full of striptease loops.