Servants of Twilight (1991) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This film succeeds pretty well for a modest made-for-cable thriller, probably simply because its scope is modest enough to manage, and it concentrates on doing only one thing  - confused paranoia. It does that quite well, and Bruce Greenwood lends credibility to the plot.
The premise is that a gang of religious lunatics have determined that a cute little six year old boy is the Antichrist, based on the visions their leader receives directly from God. The little boy and his mother are powerless to help themselves, and there is insufficient evidence to involve the police, so they hire a private detective agency to provide bodyguard services. 


None. The antichrist's mother keeps her bra on during a sex scene, reflecting the new modest Satan. 

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The lead detective soon finds that he can't seem to escape the nutbags. No matter where he goes, they find him. No matter how secretive his movements, they figure them out. By the time the film is at its halfway point, almost all of his agents are dead, and it has boiled down to a battle between him and a whole bunch of lunatics who seem to be reading his mind.

To complicate the plot, he falls in love with the boy's mother.

How do the crazies keep finding him? Is it possible that God is showing them the way? Or is he being betrayed by someone on the inside with him?  That is the mystery he must solve.   

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Based on this description, this film is a C. Watchable little thriller that had me guessing where the next threats were coming from, and how the crazies kept reading his moves. Some clumsy editing keeps it from being even better.

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